permissions update, minor fixes, talks

Permissions update:

AppCL LSM grants permissions in the format of ‘read’, ‘write’ and ‘execute’ permissions. This is done based on a path-based application identifier. A limitation of previous versions is that only one permission could be granted per application in the format below:


To grant multiple permissions, an additional entry was required, in the format below:


The latest update has removed the need for multiple entries by allowing multiple permissions to be specified for each application path. This is in the format below:


Other minor updates:

 – The userspace tool has been updated to allow multiple permission values to be specified in the attribute build mode.

 – Definitions in the ‘audit.h’ header file have been moved to the ‘appcl_lsm.h’ header file removing the need for this file.


The project website now has a page detailing the talks that I have presented on AppCL LSM. The slides from the presentations are available as PDF’s, and when the videos from the talks are released, I will make them available at the link below.

AppCL LSM Talks/Videos

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