Securi-Tay V

It’s now been a week since Securi-Tay V came to an end!

It was a brilliant conference with a lot of interesting and inspiring talks from both students, and industry professionals.

I gave my talk on AppCL LSM on the first day and have received a great response. Thank you to everyone that came to see me present and to all of you who have given me feedback and advice following this.

The guys at Abertay (who did an amazing job putting Securi-Tay V together!), tell me my talk has been recorded, along with many other great talks from across the conference and I will be posting a link to these once they’re made available. This will be through the project website and twitter. @jbondjohnson

The project README has been updated and includes the current issues I am facing. This is included on the home page and the public git repository. If you have any feedback please get in touch.

# Current issue  

The ‘appcl_lsm_inode_post_setxattr‘ hook in ‘appcl_lsm.c‘ passes the extended attribute to the function ‘make_appcl_entry()’ to set up the security information based on the extended attribute value. AppCL must now do this with the extended attribute when the system reboots.

When the system is powered off/reboots, AppCL must reset the security information for the inode from the AppCL extended attribute. This is because the inode security label is stored in RAM and the extended attribute is used to retain a representation of this on disk.
The ‘security_inode_setsecurity‘, ‘security_inode_getsecurity‘, ‘security_inode_d_instantiate‘, ‘security_inode_init_security‘ are all security hooks relating to the extended attributes.

You can now follow me on twitter for updates to the AppCL LSM project.


To view the public git for this project visit:

Continue to see the GitHub page for updates regarding the project progress/development blog.

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